Cindy Sherman, Untitled Film Still #06



The D.O.P. Art Foundation  operates as an educational and lending resource mostly for modern and contemporary art and is dedicated to build, disclose and maintain a Collection that reflects the scope and diversity of the art from our time. Our Foundation assists museums striving to present Modern and Contemporary Art in a complex economic and cultural climate. While private collectors usually limits the accessibility of modern and contemporary artists' work, the Foundation's makes the collection´s works available for exhibit and loan to museums and university galleries through its "Lending Library Program". Since its inception in 1999, artworks from the D.O.P. Private Collection (Colección D.O.P.) have been displayed in exhibitions at nearly 50 museums, universities, and other public venues, and have been viewed by approximately one million individuals per year. You can see in the D.O.P. collection some works that includes: Alechinsky, Alviani, Araki, Archipenko, Alcantara, Bacon, Balla, Baziotes, Ben, Beecroft, Boggio, Brancusi, Brandt, Braque, Bravo, Buffet, Bury, Bustamante, Calder, Camargo, Caro, Cárdenas, Carreño, Castellani, Chagall, Cruz-Diez, Dalí, Debourg, Dufy, Escobar, Fernández, Fernández-Muro, Fini, Floris, Fontana, Francis, Gauguin, Gego, Guevara, González, Gris, Hernández-Diez, Herrera, Kandinsky, Klee, Koons, Kosuth, Laurens, Lautrec, Léger, Le parc, Lewitt, Lhote, Lissitzky, Longo, Malevitch, Matisse, Matta, Maza, Meier, Mérida, Michelena, Moore, Morellet, Muniz, Nedo, Nevelson, Obregón, Otero, Peña, Picasso, Polesello, Poliakoff, Pomodoro, Reverón, Salazar, Serrano, Schöffer, Schwitters, Sherman, Signac, Stella, Soto, Saint Phalle, Taylor-Wood, Twombly, Uecker, Vasarely, Vlaminck, Wesselman and many others...........

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